ChaoWei Liao

✔Firmware Engineer

Image Processing

Computer Vision, Image Processing algorithm, Pattern Recognition and Interactive Installation.

Embedded System

Real-Time OS, DSP, ARM Cortex, Bluetooth, WSN, Firmware Development, Testing and Validation.

Work Experience


Controller Firmware Engineer | Minneapolis, MN | Jan. 2016 - Present
• Developed core firmware for multi-CPU system. Supported and maintain over 13 different products.
• Working on various interface and helped new feature developments.
• Triage and root-cause firmware issues.


Device R&D Firmware Engineer Internship | New York, NY | May 2015 - Aug. 2015
• Reduced over 94% of testing time from 64 hours/week to 4 hours/week.
• Build an Android APP for automatic testing the firmware on meter via Bluetooth Low Energy.
• Assisted Non-invasive Optical Glucose Measurements research environment.


Firmware Validation Engineer | Taipei, Taiwan | Mar. 2013 - Jun. 2014
• Debugged firmware issues over 12 different Intel tablet device platforms.
• Tested and certificated device on both Microsoft WHCK and Google CTS.
• Narrowed down causes to Software/Operation System/Hardware defects.


DSP Firmware Developer | Hsinchu, Taiwan | Oct. 2011 - Jan. 2013
• Developed and maintained DSP firmware on ARM11 plus Dual Cortex platform.
• Ported system to different OS, form microITRON to ThreadX.
• Improved Face-Object Tracking success rate 40%, reduced power usage 4.2% on Samsung DV.
• Designed a real-time speed alert for CarDV by using Hough transform.

Freelance Programmer

Software and Firmware Developer | Taipei, Taiwan | Mar. 2009 - Sep. 2010
• Constructed an Interaction Installation Art Device for Taipei City Government, which use C# connect to webcam for gesture detect and Arduino chip AVR168 for signal control.
• Constructed a light control system by Arduino for Taiwan International Lighting Show hold in Taipei World Trade Center.

Air Force of ROC Military

Sergeant | Taiwan | Oct. 2010 - Sep. 2011
Gathering info about combat status through radar.
Set battlefront communication center up with artillery regiment.


The University of Texas at Dallas, Texas

Master of Science, Major in Computer Science
Expected December 2015
Academics: 3.72 / 4.0 GPA

National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan

Master of Science, Major in Computer Science
Sep. 2009 - Jun. 2010
Master Thesis: Intelligent Monitoring Laboratory System Construction
Academics: 3.86 / 4.0 GPA

National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan

Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science
Sep. 2006 - Jun. 2009
Scholarships: Outstanding Performance student (2007, 2008)
Academics: 3.51 / 4.0 GPA


Excellent Award

RFID Tendency Cup | Taiwan Ministry of Economic | Dec. 2009
The Great China VR Champion competition | Beijing | Jul. 2008

National Intelligent Robots Contest

First palce | Taiwan Ministry of Education | Nov. 2007


Embedded System Lab

Project: Application of Wireless Sensor Network to Monitor and Control Power Stations
Research Assistant (granted by National Science Council) | Jul. 2009 - Jun.2010
Programming firmware of WSN nodes on real-time OS.
Constructed network simulate model.

Internet Security Lab

Project: Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Defensive System for Network Security
Research Assistant (granted by National Science Council) | Aug. 2004 - Jul.2005
Implement program of Distributed Internet Defensive System on Linux.


Teaching Assistant

National Taipei University of Education | Sep. 2008 - Jun.2010
Software Design of Embedded System
Digital VLSI Design and Layout.

Teacher of Embedded System Programming

Cram School | Jun. 2009 - Sep.2010
Teaching embedded system programming.
Design lesson plans.
Leading over 300 students and 27 instructors.


Taiching, Taiwan | Nov. 2005 - Jun.2006
Teaching math and foundations of computer science.


Wireless Sensor Network Techniques Base on Dynamic Source Routing

C.W. Liao, W.H. Luo, J.S. Sheu, T.Y. Hwang, T.L. Huang
2009 International Conference on Information and Technology, Dec. 2009

Development of Wireless Sensor Network Routing Techniques upon Dynamic Source Routing

J.S. Sheu, C.W. Liao, T.Y. Hwang, T.L. Huang
International Journal of Information and Technology.(ESSCI), Jun. 2009.

A Novel in the Tourist Hotel Business with Integrated RFID Technology and Relational Database

J.S. Sheu, K.W. Chiu, Y.C. Ko , C.W. Liao, W.S. Hong, L.P. Wang , I.C. Kao, T.Y. Hwang, T.L. Huang
International Journal of Information and Technology.(ESSCI), Jun. 2009


Event Organizer

FengChou elementary school, Service Team (Earthquake zone) | Aug. 2005
DaGuan    elementary school, Service Team (Typhoon zone) | Jul. 2005


Nature Exploration Camp : For Developmentally Disabled Children | Jul. 2005